Soundwise™ PE 1515 Polyethylene Foam Underlayment with or without lapwise™ seam sealing technology
Soundwise™ PE 1515 Polyethylene Foam Underlayment with or without Lapwise™ Seam Sealing Technology


  • Material = Polyethylene Foam (non-xlink) 
  • Density (lbs./cu ft) = 1.5 
  • Thickness (mm) = 1.5 
  • Joining System = LAPWISE™ Technology or lip and tape 
  • Roll Size = 100.1 sq ft 
  • Roll Dimensions = 42” x 28.6’ 
  • Rolls Per Pallet = 120 
  • Pallets Per Truck = 26 
  • Rolls Per Truck = 3536 

Polyethylene Foam Underlayment

SoundWise™ PE 1515 is an economy grade laminate and wood flooring foam underlayment that provides moisture protection, sound control and warmth. PE 1515 can be purchased with LAPWISE™ seam sealing technology or with lip and tape. PE 1515 protects the life of your floor. 


  • Economical 
  • Moisture Protection 
  • LAPWISE™ seam sealing technology or lip and tape. 
  • Ease of Installation 
  • Comfort 
  • Recyclable 
  • Sound Abatement 
  • One Year Limited Warranty 


  • Laminate 
  • Bamboo Floating Floors 
  • Solid Hard Wood Floating Floors 
  • Engineered Wood Floating Floors 
  • Cured Concrete
  • APA Grade Plywood
  • OSB

1. Clean, sweep or vacuum subfloor of all debris.
2. Check subfloor. Should be clean, dry and level.
3. Roll out underlayment to length of room.
4. If below grade, extend up the wall 2”.
5. Join seam together. DO NOT overlap seams.
6. Underlayment with lip and tape- join seams together, overlap the film lip and attach to the adhesive bead. Remove tape release liner before applying film lip. For LAPWISE™ seam sealing technolgy, when rolling out second row, overlap LAPWISE™ seam 2”. Remove release liner and press LAPWISE™ seam together.

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