Soundwise FG 1220 Polyethylene Foam Floor Protector
SoundWise™ FG1220 Polyethylene Foam Floor Protector by Wise Manufacturing


  • Material = Polyethylene Foam
  • Density (lbs./cu ft) = 1.2
  • Thickness (mm) = 2.0
  • Joining System = none
  • Roll Size = 600 sq ft
  • Roll Dimensions = 48” x 150’
  • Rolls Per Pallet =
  • Pallets Per Truck = 240
  • Rolls Per Truck =

Polyethylene Foam Floor Protector

SoundWiseFG 1220 is specifically designed to protect your floors and any other products while under construction. FG 1220 stays put under heavy use and construction conditions. The ribbed profile allows the floor to breathe not to damage finish. FG 1220 can be used vertically or horizontally protecting any and all areas of new home construction and existing home renovations.


  • Anti-Microbial
  • Recyclable
  • One Year Limited Warranty


  • Laminate
  • Solid Hard Wood Floating Floors
  • Engineered Wood Floating Floors
  • WPC, SPC, LVP and Rigid Core
  • Ceramic

1. Clean, sweep or vacuum floor of all debris.

2. Check that the floor is clean, dry and level.

3. Roll out overlay to length of room, slightly overlapping each row.

4. Tape seams together with polypropylene packaging or duct tape.

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